2020 New Arrival- Colorful cat eye gel

2020 New Arrival- Colorful cat eye gel


What gift is better to send to friends? I think gel polish  is good choice.  The gel polish set always bring a good mood for the friends. Since you are so considerate to choose the best nail gel polishes for them, which is a must to enjoy the festival.

1.When we pick the nail polish colors for New year, the first thing is being festive. The gel polish set mush be include a ‘red’. Red is enthusiastic and merry, bring good mood for everyone.

2. For some friends, nail art is all about glitter colors. They want the most bright feel come from their fingers. Especially in the New year, the more striking, the better they want.

3. Pure color is more simple, some girls want rock style like metallic gel polish. Or cute style, carving 4D gel polish tocute animals. If you want some send more Practicality things,add some cute dot or flowers in the gel polish .

4. If possible, add one lamp in gel polish set is necessery, every gel polish (colors, top, base) need use lamp for cure.

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