4 summer beautiful nails

Summer is coming, and with it are many summer trends that have brought us into trouble. From summer vacations with girls to festivals, summer parties and barbecues with friends, the fashion department needs something outstanding throughout the summer-this extends to our nails!

Nails are an important part of any look and are a great way to create bold creativity. If you want to stand out this season, then ICE NOVA is your best choice. We have summarized the top gel and acrylic nail designs for summer, detailing the styles and shades you need to try.

Fruit inspired nails

There is nothing more “summer” than these eye-catching watermelon-inspired nails. Bold, bright and interesting, this juicy design can be easily achieved with gel polishing and detailed nail brushes.

Shiny pink nails

If you want bold nail polish tones to impress this season, then bright pink will be the first choice for all our lists. The party-prepared pink is suitable for cocktails with girls during summer vacations or summer evenings. It will attract people’s attention for all the right reasons.

This manicure look is a great example of how to make bold statements without spending a lot of time and effort. The neat, stylish look must have neat, tidy nails-you can shape your nails according to your favorite style, but we think the round appearance is particularly good.

Soft multicolored nails

Of course, sometimes you will think of a lot of great nail color ideas, so that it is difficult to rely on one of them. Well, with this unique design, you will not have to! Multi-colored nails are a good way to bring beautiful colors to your summer ensemble, and this soft version will undoubtedly attract people’s attention.

Are you inspired? Whether you are looking for a new idea for acrylic nail polish or want to buy a source of gel nail polish, you can find everything you need on ICE NOVA。

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