5 ways to let more customers enter your nail salon!

Whether you have been operating a salon for many years or are just getting started, one of the most important things is to upgrade the salon. We have put together some tips to help you promote the salon and attract more customers!

1. Website
At first it may seem like unnecessary expense, but having an active salon website will bring many benefits! Use your website to show the salon with the latest images and a map of your location.

Your website may contain important information about the salon. Here are our recommendations:

If you do n’t know what a blog is, here is a big tip: you are reading a blog!
Blogs can help you inform customers about any changes in business, potential competition, and can also be used to provide free information to your potential customers.

Email newsletter registration
Email newsletters are a great way to keep your potential customers up to date. There are a large number of free services, such as Mailchimp, which make it easy to send newsletters. Make sure you sign up for the newsletter on the website!

2. Social media
We know how much pain it will cause to load different social media applications / profiles, remember passwords and make sure you always check all your inboxes!

In marketing, you need to consider where your potential customers are going. Facebook and Instagram are our two favorite platforms, and most of our customer base is there, so we stick to it!

Facebook is easy to use and has more than 2 billion users! It is becoming more and more difficult for page owners to “organically” attract customers. Facebook uses an algorithm to determine whether your post should appear in your audience’s news feed. To avoid this, you must add a little bit of routine work and make sure to post what your customers will comment on. We recommend that you download applications such as Canva (free!) To create quotes and memes, or share any of our information anytime!

Instagram is a great place to create a portfolio! Remember to use a lot of tags so people can find your post. Instagram stories are also a good place to show “behind the scenes” in the salon. The video / picture lasts only 24 hours and can be taken on the phone. If you are lucky to have more than 10,000 followers, you can also associate your story with the swipe up feature!

Facebook has Instagram, so you can cross-post between the two platforms! You can also advertise on two websites by adding posts.

3. Offers and discounts
Big deal brings huge liability (or similar liability)!

Regular trading in your salon is a great way to attract new customers to the door. You can share this content on social media, your website, or even in the salon window!

Want to expand to a wider audience? Use services such as Groupon. When you add an offer to Groupon, Groupon will promote it. Then, when you get new customers, make sure to impress them and increase sales!

5. Loyalty program
Once you have all these customers, you need a way to make them repeat customers … Introduce a loyalty program! The loyalty program will win the favor of your customers. No need to be too complicated, you can print a simple membership card, after each appointment, the customer will get a stamp, and then after many appointments, they will provide them for free!


Written by Betty

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