Easy DIY gel manicure at home

Nail polish nails are the only ones that can last for 2-4 weeks and do not need to be done nail art often.

A long time ago, nail art likes to use nail polish. This damage to your fingers is too serious. Later, I met the nail polish in the nail shop, which is very healthy and environmentally friendly, and rekindled the enthusiasm for making nails.

It’s too expensive to make nails in a nail salon, so I started DIY nails at home. The use of nail polish is more complicated than nail polish, but it is actually very simple. In fact, the nails I made for myself are better than I did at the salon recently. I found that some manicurists are very sloppy in manicure. And does not lock the edge, so that the nail polish is easy to fall off.

If you are at home DIY nail polish, here are some tips that I usually accumulate.

1. When applying glue, keep away from the stratum corneum at the edge of the nail because it is easy to curl.
2. File nail surface can make gel polish long lasting;
3. Use non wipe top coat, will more shine.
4. When use gel polish, close tight cap, becaue gel will dry contact UV light.


By Amy

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