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During fashion week, manicure design is often used to respond to hair style and make-up, of course, it is the same for clothing. But this is not the case on the spring and summer 2020 show. On the catwalks, the most striking thing is not the hair style, nor the makeup, but the fingernails of models (it also gets the most praise on social media).

In order to remind you of the trend of Manicure in spring and summer 2020, let the cold season shine and stay with you until the beginning of spring, the following is an overview of our four favorite manicure trends:
1. French fingertips, back to the 1990s
In 90s, it came back again with great fanfare: the Friends was replayed, and Netflix brought us back to the dangerous game through the brown lipstick (Rimmel’s London Coffee Shimmer lipstick), the “hack” style small frame sunglasses and pockets. In nail styling, this means that French manicure has finally ushered in a long lost Renaissance. However, the latest form of French manicure is not the once eye-catching square long manicure.
“I saw people everywhere wearing bicycle shorts and suits and coats, with their waistbags on their backs. So it’s normal that the nail trend that prevailed in the 1990s is coming back, “said Miss pop, a nail artist in New York. She was responsible for the manicure design of Oscar de la Renta, prabal Gurung and Jeremy Scott’s spring and summer 2020 show: “this new wave of design is not the French manicure we know. It doesn’t use the classic pink and white, and it won’t be too thick. [on the contrary,] it’s a ‘blank’ trend – you can no longer use a single color, your fingertips are like a canvas, and the shape of the color can be arbitrary. ”
Miss pop’s manicure for prabalgurung show is to make it as close to the “traditional” French manicure as possible. “I used the classic French manicure and then left it blank to make it look more modern.” I used Zoya’s nude armor oil. First, I raised the pink tone of the shining nail bed, and then brushed a thin, arc-shaped white on the crescent of the nail, extending the nail bed. ” She described it in detail.
Other applications are bold. On the Oscar de la Renta show, Miss Pop has gained inspiration from the Caribbean theme series. You may often use white nail polish, while Miss Pop has created a beautiful French gradation tone with three colors of Arizona, Sawyer and Arizona of Zoya nail polish. “I call it Cuban French,” she said. “It’s a very popular manicure in my hometown of Miami.”

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