gel color selection

To create a bright image, nails dress is essential, the focus of which is to choose the gel polish colors.Take a look, which gel color is good for you?

gel color selection

Red line

—Red wine

It is a omnipotent gel color, anyone wear it will be very beautiful. This is a deep gel color,so it can cover the nails scars,will make the skin color looks more white. If not equipped with jewelry,but also can show the female’s charm.

Tip 1: The shape of the nail should be oval or square.

Tip 2:Due to wine red show is mature and elegant beauty, so I suggest you must use the perfume.

Red wine gel color polish

Red wine gel color polish
















It exudes a romantic atmosphere, showing a lovely little girl taste, do not forget to wear cute jewelry. So to enjoy the romantic style, should be with pink, transparent accessories.

Tip 1: Pink color is the light gel color. After use it, then will make nails appear rough and rugged phenomenon. So the correct step we  should polish the surface of your nails to show a sense of gloss.

Tip 2:The pink color gel polish is easy collocation, so any slim delicate design are suitable.

pink gel color polish

pink gel color polish















Green line

–Dark green

Very suitable for nails short people, it will let people feeling very cool, if you want to develop a bardian beauty, don’t miss this color. It is with the folk style dress is very fit, the most suitable for leather or handmade jewelry.

Tip 1:  In order to prevent the skin color is dull, wore with this color of gel polish, the best match the bright shirt.

Tip 2: The longer nails are not suitable for dark green, will give people sick, dirty feeling, make sure to cut the nails short, slightly longer 0.2 cm than the fingers.

dark green gel color polish

dark green gel polish


















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