Gel polish for summer

Three kinds of gels suitable for summer
milkly gel polish
temperature changing gel
1 step gel
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Pick your early summer color,
Cherry blossom, mint green, creamy yellow,
Light lake blue, clove purple …choose one!
You definitely will love it!
As we still do not have much oppotunity to see beautiful flowers in full bloom scene,
the warm early summer has quietly come and the temperature gradully break through 30 degrees…
Compare to the sweet and gentle spring, are you ready for the colourful warm summer?
We recommend to you milkly gel polish, temperature changing gel & 1 step gel
Therefore, please kindly find below brief introduction of the three products.

Milkly gel polish

First of all, try our new product milkly gel polish!
It is more suitable to apply a light colour in summer, not only to match your beautiful one-piece but also to show your personality.
what’s more, it is more transparent and clear like a jelly and will keep you in a good mood the whole day!

Temperature changing gel

To follow with, try the temperature changing gel summer version, very sensitive to temperature with 2 colours, and it also have a soft and light colour.
You can either apply the colour solely or add some blingbling elements.
In a word, just do it as you wish, you will find it incredibly gorgeously.

1 step gel

The last one is 1 step gel. It is more convinient because using 1 step gel can free your from base coat and top coat. In the meantime, the colour and polish can still stay perfect!
What’s more, DIY as you prefer, there’s no limit for beauty!

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