Good-looking sandals with foot nails

Sandals with feet, summer will be more beautiful!

This year’s sandals and slippers are a new height, and I can’t help but buy and buy! But the sandals and slippers will reveal our toes, and there is no beautiful nails to correct them.

Do you know that the combination of sandals and nails is actually very particular? Set it up, let you whiten a few degrees; if you don’t get it, it will be black and dirty!

From left to right, from top to bottom are the best match, quality match, general match, worst match. If you don’t know what color nails you are doing, look at the color of the sandals you wear everyday. Of course, the following are just color combinations. You can add other nails to the color to make the nails more delicate. ~

There is also a large wave of unique and beautiful nail styles, there is always a suitable for you~

By Amy

Good-looking sandals with foot nails

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