How to maintaining a routine during lockdown

Life is very different now, we are experiencing a strange situation, which may be disturbing. However, what we can control is mentality. Routine business is a great way to reduce stress and maintain a normal feeling at this turbulent time. Mental health is now more important than ever, and we must adjust the factors that make us feel good.

For many reasons, working at home is very different from working in the office, so it often lacks a sense of stability and structure. We have some tips that can help you maintain balance and help you improve your mentality.

1. Start a new day
Morning on weekdays often includes hurrying, drinking coffee and running for the train. Daily commuting may take up most of the day. Letting this lock easily provide an excuse to keep your alarm clock nap and get a beautiful hour of sleep. In addition, you can take advantage of the time normally used for commuting without wasting time. Exercise in the morning is very beneficial because it releases endorphins, making you and your mind active and productive. If you want to wake up gently, yoga is a good way to exercise your mind and reduce stress. Focus on breathing and have no time for negative, anxious thoughts.

2. Maintain a healthy breakfast
As they said, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Staying at home makes us yearn for comfortable foods, but feels uneasy about eating unhealthy foods. However, do not use this as an excuse to develop bad habits. Croissants or peanut butter can treat yourself well, but may be preserved on weekends. Otherwise, all days will become blurred, and after the lock is over, it will be difficult to consolidate a healthy routine.

3. Find an efficient workspace
Find a workplace that will keep you productive and focused. Try to avoid sofas or bedrooms in order to establish a boundary between work life and personal life. The places with the highest productivity should be neat and orderly to avoid confusion and visual interference. A table or desk near the window can provide plenty of light (great for video conferencing!), and nothing else can be seen on the screen.

4. Let the skin breathe
In appearance, some people like to wear comfortable clothes when working at home, while others choose to wear clothes to maintain a normal sense. You can choose your own way and enjoy your best state. On the other hand, we recommend that you take a break during this time to make up and let your skin breathe.

in the afternoon
1. Take a break
The tidying up is easy, but please try to avoid fatigue. It is recommended to take a break every twenty minutes, at least twenty seconds, and pay attention to the distance. The light from the computer may be dazzling.

2. Make full use of lunch time
Make the most of lunch time and take a walk or study every day. This is a good time to rest. Please try not to waste your time on your laptop and use your phone directly.

1. Contact with loved ones
The evening is a good time to relax and connect with your loved ones. If you are fortunate to be with friends, roommates or family members, then getting together to eat and chat is one of the best ways to connect and cherish time. Why not try new recipes?

Just because you can’t go out to restaurants or bars with friends doesn’t mean you can’t go out with them. At night or on weekends, why not try to open a bottle of wine with an application like “zoom” or “family party”? Keep in touch with loved ones!

2. Don’t ignore your skincare routine
Why not try a new skin care procedure or implement the procedure you have been performing behind the to-do list? The benefit of this blockade is that air pollution has been greatly reduced, so our skin will benefit greatly. Contamination destroys collagen and lipids, and causes rupture and clogged pores. However, we should still pay close attention to the skin. Try a new mask and use a moisturizer on the back of the drawer!

The little things add up and you can play your biggest role now. Keep the routine while letting yourself grow and grow. Also give yourself time to rest and relax.

I wish you good health and good health!

Written by Betty

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