How to remove acrylic nails?

We all like acrylic resins-they look great and are a great way to enjoy stylish nails for a long time. However, removing them is not ideal.

In general, it is necessary to remove acrylic resin professionally, especially when you need to reapply new nails on the top. But maybe you have already started to make your own nails and are looking for advice on how to remove acrylic nails at home? Or maybe you just rushed and didn’t have time to go to the salon?

If so, don’t be afraid! We have compiled all the information you need about how to remove false nails easily and safely.

How to remove acrylic gel with acetone

One of the most common and easiest ways to remove false nails is to use acetone. Acetone, also known as acetone, is a powerful liquid solvent that can quickly and easily remove gel polish and adhesives. Due to its powerful properties, acetone can be used to decompose acrylic acid, so it can be easily lifted from the nail, but if used too much or frequently on natural nails, acetone may be very dry.

In order to use acetone to remove acrylic acid, you should:

First, trim the acrylic nails with a nail clipper or strong skin clippers. This will reduce the surface area of ​​the nail and make it easier for acetone to penetrate the area of ​​the natural nail. Trim to the place where the natural nails start-do not lower too much, otherwise the natural nails may be damaged.
Use a nail file to make the acrylic thin. Move the nail file back and forth on the nail. The idea is to make acrylic thinner and make acetone easier to penetrate. Make sure not to file too deep. If you file too much, natural nails may be damaged.
Apply cotton wool soaked in acetone to your nails. Immerse the cotton thread in acetone acrylic nail remover and place it directly on your nails to ensure complete coverage. Then, wrap the nails with foil to secure the cotton in place.
Nail dip. Place the cotton thread and foil for at least 10 minutes to immerse acetone in acrylic resin.
Remove acrylic. Only remove one of the wraps, and then gently use the cuticle pusher to scrape off the softened acrylic. If acetone has penetrated sufficiently, the acrylic resin should be easily lifted and slip off. If the acrylic resin is still a little hard underneath, please put on plastic wrap again, let nails soak for another five minutes, and then try again. You can repeat this process for each nail until the acrylic is completely softened and removed. If you find that it may take a while to use acetone, make sure you are using 100% acetone, not acetone from a supermarket or pharmacy, as this will often be diluted. Try not to pull, cut or bite the acrylic resin on your nails. Although this method may be faster, it is likely to damage and weaken your natural nails during this process.

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