How To Take Off Gel Polish Nails

As nail salons are still closed, this guide will teach you how to take off gel nails at home with ease!

It’s currently impossible, or very difficult, to get your gel manicure professionally removed due to the health crisis restrictions. Because of this, you might feel the impulse to pick, peel or bite off your manicure. STOP! You will only damage your nails in the process! Instead, follow these tips on how to take off gel nails without incurring the potentially damaging results.

How to Remove Gel Nail Polish at Home
The best way to remove gel nail polish is to break it down into two stages: preparation and soaking. By following the simple steps laid out below, you’ll not only learn how to remove gel nail polish at home, but in a quick, safe manner that will leave your nails looking fresh and undamaged.

Find an Ideal Space and Time. Prepping for the removal process is just as important as the process itself. Make sure that your location to remove your manicure is a well-ventilated area. This is because acetone will be used, and the fumes it gives off can be dangerous in an enclosed space. Also, make sure you have dedicated at least 30 minutes for the removal process to be effective; this cannot be rushed.
Have Your Supplies Ready. To take off your gel nails, there are multiple supplies that you must have on hand prior to removal. Make sure that you have enough of the following supplies:
Nail polisher remover
Nail file (try our Lavender Hygienic Nail File)
Cuticle oil (we recommend ICE NOVA Pro Spa Nail and Cuticle Oil)
Pre-cut removal wraps (check these out)
3. Sand and Skin. With the nail file, gently sand down the top layer of polish to make the top coat more rough. Don’t try to get all of the polish off: that is not the goal just yet. Removing the shine is the goal here. Then, use a cuticle oil of your choice to relax the skin surrounding your nails and fingertips. Acetone can dry out your skin, so using an oil or moisturizer is a necessary step before you get started.

After prepping for the nail removal, it is time to soak your nails.

Soaking Your Nails
This section of nail removal can be done in various ways, but we recommend these next few steps for the ultimate results.

Soak the Cotton Balls. The acetone in nail polish remover is the key to removing your gel manicure. Cotton balls are great to use as they are similar in size to your nails, and they hold nail polish remover a lot better than a cotton pad can. Soak each cotton ball in nail polish remover, and as you are doing this, continue on to the next step as they go hand-in-hand.
Wrap Foil Onto Each Cotton Covered Nail. After drenching the cotton ball in nail polish remover, immediately place the ball onto one nail. Then, use a pre-measured square of aluminum foil and wrap the foil around the nail covered in cotton. Repeat this step until all of your nails are soaking and wrapped in aluminum foil.
Wait. Please be patient, as your nails need to soak for about 15 minutes for perfect results. Once you feel the time is right, check on your nails. If they look loose and feel like they can fall off on their own, you’re ready for the next step.
Buff Up and Hydrate. After unraveling the foil, use the cotton ball underneath to gently push the gel tips off of each nail. You may need to use a nail stick or a buffer to get off the remaining polish. Try the Cre8tion buffer block as an extra tool! Repeat this step until all of your gel nails have been removed. Then, most importantly, hydrate your nails with cuticle oil for five minutes to maintain a healthy nail bed.
If you followed this gel manicure removal process, your nails should now be fresh and your gel polish safely removed! We hope that your flawless results and our products have left you satisfied.


By Amy

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