How to wear glitter nails my top 3 ways + tips

Today I want to share with you three methods of applying with shiny nail polish. The flash is very shiny! It’s very attractive in those shiny bottles, but when you get a bottle yourself, you may realize that you don’t use it often. Maybe it’s because it’s too shiny to suit your environment. Maybe you think it’s hard to work with most costumes, maybe because you are tired of the same effect, and so on. This is my favorite way to wear a flash and get the most out of it.


Flash in jelly sandwich

Jelly Sandwich Nail is a fun way to play with the colors of glitter and nail polish. To make a jelly sandwich manicure, you need a jelly nail polish, which is a sheer color, a shiny surface, and any glittering formula. This technique follows the steps of making a sandwich. Jelly Nail Polish is your bread, so you should apply it first, then apply your glitter and then finish with another jelly coating. Jelly sandwiches are great when you don’t like sparkling but prefer to play it.


For this shiny jelly sandwich, I use yellow and rose gold sequins with pure white.


Flash as a finish

Whether your flash has a transparent or tinted background, it’s the perfect choice for top coats. You may be shy and apply a thin coat on the regular nail polish color, or you can boldly attract the eye. Whatever it is, this is definitely a great way to get all sorts of work with what you already have.



I like to use flash as the body color. Flashing nail polish typically has a transparent or at least transparent substrate and may be difficult to completely cover with conventional two or three color layers. This makes the flash manicure take too much time to dry. tip! If you are looking for a full body color, please use one of the three levels in advance, such as the previous night. This is a good preparation so that you can build a complete flash coverage on the same day you show your nails. You will greatly reduce drying time and still use more flash coatings until you like the results. tip! To get more sparkle on your nails, just dipped the brush into the recipe and press it on the nail instead of sweeping it as usual. This will leave you with a thick flash of light so you can get more material until you like the result.


I prefer to use the whole body flash as the focus of a few nails. Look at my blue and gold nail stickers and see what I mean.


These are my tips on how to use glitter nail polish. Check out my post to learn how to remove the flash as it may become the toughest part 🙂


Thanks for reading, I hope you like it!


Written by Betty.


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