Nails wish list tips how to plan the upcoming season buys

I almost finished the purchase of nail color in spring 2019! I decided to share some thoughts on this topic with you and tell you how I can build and improve my upcoming season wish list, I hope they can help you build your 🙂


Why plan?

I have several reasons to plan my future nail polish purchase in addition to the obvious financing. As time went on, I came to the conclusion that planning my future goals made me the happiest thing I got when I got it. In addition, nail polish addiction is a serious problem. If you don’t plan your color and buy everything as you like, you may end up with most of the collections you don’t use, too many similar colors, lacking some of your favorite Color, etc. So if you feel that you are not satisfied with the results of the nail polish collection and that money is not your only/special problem, please continue to read my tips on how to be satisfied with what you are getting. You can also check out my how to create a fabulous nail polish series on budget posts for more tips.


Tip 1 get rid of the old

When I want to add seasonal colors to my collection, I always make changes to what I already have. I did this to get rid of the old purpose, not to decide not to buy anything 🙂 Find nail polish that is too old to use, you feel bored or make sure you won’t wear this season and make some fresh additions. I threw away nail polish that was not available for some reason, giving people more colors who liked them and participated in the local exchange circle.


Tip 2 understand the trend

There is no need to make a decision based on the nail color trend for a particular season, but if you are up to date, it won’t hurt, so you will make a wise choice. Personally, I am excited about the new trend, always look at them, it does not mean that I choose to wear them all, because there are always things that I like more than I do.


Tip 3 Determine this season’s love and get it

Some of you may have noticed that I am fascinated with pastels this season. I absolutely like soft tones, and my skin tone is still very good, so I can adapt to this palette. So when I do this it is not a tough decision: pastels will be my choice of nail color in the spring of 2014. Find your love and make sure you get it so that it makes you feel happy (until it ends up making you bored, but this is another topic of discussion).


Tip 4 to determine the love of the season and stop getting

Now this is very important, stop guiding your wishes to the same shadows you already know. It’s easy to understand that your eyes seem to notice your favorite colors everywhere, you keep sighing for its beauty but stop! You don’t need more than one/two similar shadows. So choose something other than your 10th pink this season 🙂


Tip 5 Don’t overspend at the start of the season

The fact that you plan your wish list does not mean that you will never buy anything that is not there. Let’s face it, you are likely to see the love of nail color at least 3 times in the first season 🙂 So don’t hollow out all the nail polish at the beginning of the season, you will spend more money.


Do you plan seasonal nail color, or just buy it if your heart tells you? Do you have any suggestions? Let me know… I will share my spring stud color with you in a later post.


Thanks for reading, I hope you like it!


Written by Betty.

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