Chameleon Gel nail Polish Soak off Gel Lacquer with 55 colors

  1. 55 colors to choose
  2. 5ml ,10ml ,12ml ,15ml 1kg jar to choose
  3. more detail :

Chameleon Gel nail Polish Soak off Gel Lacquer

soak off Chameleon Gel nail  55 colors to choose

Chameleon Gel nail Feature

Chameleon Gel nail 100% new retail and high quality.
Suitable to apply on UV gel nails, acrylic nails and natural nails etc.
Help strengthen your nails with a durable shiny coat.
the product Perfect for both professional use and personal use.
55 colors to choose
5ml -20ml ,1kg -25kg etc jar to choose

 (  if you want to get the effect as picture show, you need too apply this gel on the black color)


Chameleon Gel nail Show :

Chameleon Gel nail Color chart

Professional Usage:

1: File the nail surface lightly.

 2: Apply base gel, cure

3: then apply  a layer of Black Color gel polish, if it is too light in color, apply a second layer and cure.

 4: Apply the chameleon nail gel and cure under led lamp or Uv lamp.

 5: Apply the second layer chameleon nail gel and cure under led lamp or Uv lamp.

 5: Apply top coat gel, cure.

6: Wipe with Nail Cleanser.

To Remove:
1.first layer apply  nail nutrition oil to the skin around nails, this is to prevent direct contact between gel remover and skin.
2.Moisten cotton or remover wrap with specialized nail gel remover, wrap up nails for 5-8 minutes, the gel will crack and can easily be soak off.
3.Clean up residual gel on surface in nails with wooden stick or steel push.
4.After removing the gel, do a simply treatment to nails


1.lied too thick layer may lead to wrinkling.
2. before applying a face recognition without water and grease residue.
3.Repeated several times in a smear or a hard uneven surface prone to bubbles.
4.Pearlescent color, UV nail polish 3-5 minutes and then the smear can improve the surface gloss according to light.
5.Complete the leading edge of UV nail polish in favor of a surface crack is not easy to keep intact.
6.7-10 days to replace a nail polish is more conducive to healthy growth.

 Warm Tips:
1.Keep products away from open flame ,direct heat and Prevention of ultraviolet radiation and kids.
2.Do not apply to nails that damaged or infected.
3.Keep it  18-25 centigrade.
4.Go to doctor if in eyes or mouth.

Chameleon Gel nail

Chameleon Gel nail

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