Rubber Matte Top coat Gel polish cure uv led nail lamp with wipe


Rubber Matte Top coat Gel polish cure uv led nail lamp for new top coat

                              no change gel polish color have good effect matte

Rubber Matte top coat feature:

  1. Totally matte effect, smooth like rubber.
  2. Rubber matte top coat  is a gel top coat rendering a frost-like finish to glossy nail polishes.
  3. The new top coat adds a velvety and matte texture to a nail surface emphasizing the depth of both light and dark color of gel polish

rubber matte top coat

Frozen top detail

top coat

rubber matte top coat

top coat

HOW TO APPLY the Rubber matte Top coat ?

1. Gently buffer your nail surface so they’re not shiny and smooth.
Prepare and push back cuticles
2.Apply ICE base coat gel – cure with LED or UV nail dryer lamp.
3.Apply 1st thin coat of colors gel nail polish – cure.
4.Apply 2nd thin coat of colors gel nail polish – cure.
-Apply 3rd coat of colors gel nail polish if necessary.
5.Apply Velvet top coat gel – cure uv or led nail lamp.


HOW to AVOID the Frozen Top coat EASY PEELING OFF?

(1) The oiliness nail itself that will make the gel polish peel off easily.
——(*TIPS*: use nail strengthener to get improved)
(2)Without using a nail file to dehydrate your nail and make the nail surface dry and rough.
(3)Curing too long time under the lamp that influence the nail’s durability.
(4)Not enough nail surface cleanser to wipe the sticky layer, or it will be cracked.
(5)Different brand base coat used with our brand gel that MAY influence its compatibility.
(6)Painting too much for the base coat, which will make the gel shrink, once shrank, the gel will peel off from nails, likewise, proper top coat is suggested.


Rubber matte Top coat ATTENTION:

Painting skill is important, and your finger health will also matters a lot on how long will the colors gel nail polish be last. Properly wash and dehydrate your nails before applying, also make sure that you don’t apply the gel nail polish on your cuticle, and then cured then under the profesional UV/LED light nail dryer lamp for enough time. —-On like polish, Wears like gel, Off in minutes.


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