Metallic Gel nail soak off UV gel polish gel varnish in Nail Art

1). No smell, no odor.
2). Easy to soak off.
3). Great quality and Competitive price.
4). Free of solvent, no harm to human nails, no toxic.
5). Good adhesive to nail surface.
6). Provides a fantastic natural look for your nails.
7). The sparkling glitter doesn’ t go up and down.
8). Bright color and last long, no fade, no yellowish, no layering


Metallic Gel nail soak off UV gel polish gel varnish in Nail Art

 beauty nail art  Metal polish Gel varnish  with 36 colors

Metallic Gel nail Features

metallic gel nail can  professional Nail Art Gift for yourself or your girlfriend
Best quality control to ensure high quality polish;
On like polish, wears like gel, off in minutes;
No grinding , filing, drying time after application: Curing with UV gel. End of redoing from scratch;
No more imperfect surface, dents or nails cut. Color resistant, flexible and shiny resistant to any test.
PS:Color difference may be caused by some reasons such as color reflection in the monitor lighting,background,etc.

Metallic Gel nail  Show :

Metallic Gel nail

Metallic Gel nail

Metal Gel Nail color chart  :

metallic gel nail  How to use

Please Note: Nail Gels  designed to be used in layers.

This allows you to use multiple nail gels together as well as the effects nail gels to achieve your desired colour and finish.

Furthermore, multiple coats may be required especially for lighter color  to achieve your desired color and finish.
1st: Wash hands with liquid soap and water.
2nd: Use cleaner to wipe the nail and remove cuticle from nail plate with a cuticle pusher.
3rd: wipe layer of metal base coat and cure with UV lamp for 60 seconds.
4th: reinforce gel and cure with UV lamp for 120 seconds.
5th:  metal gel and cure with UV lamp for 120 seconds, if it is too light in color, apply a second layer and cure.
6th: reinforce gel and cure with UV lamp for 120 seconds
7th:  metal top coat and cure for 180 seconds.


Metal Gel Nail Removing of Metal Gel
1: Soak cotton pad with silver paper.
2: Wrap the finger for 5 minutes.
3: Gently file away, or use a wood sticker to push it gently.


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