2018 Hot sell VIP 5D cat eye gel, good quality magnet gel polish



2018 soak off  VIP 5D Cat Eye Gel Polish for professional Use

 VIP 5D Cat Eye Gel Polish Feature :

VIP 5D Cat Eye Gel polish like nail polish, wears like Gels, soak off in minutes.
EFFECT: Amazing cat’s eye effect and color-changing from different viewing angles
HEALTHY AND ECO-FRIENDLY: Beauty Gel Nail Polish is made of NON-TOXIC and HARMLESS Resin, High quality gel with low smell, good tenacity.

then  choose us, you have chosen the health
GOOD VALUE FOR MONEY: Beau Gel Nail Polish is easy to apply just like normal color gel nail polish but much more DURABLE. We have tested all the colors before we sell them. Every one of them can be Lasting for at least 2-3 weeks if apply properly and there is no need to worry about the colors will peel off or chip

VIP 5D cat eye gel polish

















Good quality VIP 5D cat eye gel

5D cat eye gel

















VIP 5D cat eye gel polish Professional Usage:

1)Wash hands, wipe nail and remove cuticle
2)Brush a thin layer base coat, curing 1-2 min by UV lamp
3)Brush a thin layer Color gel polish (we suggest deep colors like black, deep red or blue, Black color is the best effect), curing 2 min
4)Brush one more base color, cured 2 min.
5)Brush one layer of chameleon cat eye gel polish (do not curing), use magnet pen or board to make the shape, then curing 2 min
5)Brush a layer top coat (please don’t forget to seal your nail edge), curing 3 min
6)Wipe nail surface with cleanser to get perfect shining
If LED Lamp, curing time should be 30-60 seconds per time.

VIP 5D cat eye Gel Polish Warm Tips

Keep products away from open flame ,direct heat and Prevention of ultraviolet radiation and kids.

Do not apply to nails that damaged or infected.

Keep it at 18-25 centigrade.

Go to doctor if in eyes or mouth.

we not only base coat ,but also top coat as below :

Base coat :

  1. Rubber base coat ,2. French base coat 

Top coat :

  1. wipe /No wipe top  ,matte /Velvet Top , Rubber wipe /no wipe top ,Rubber matte top /frozen Top 

If you want more color chart and details, please feel free to contact me and  Read about us  any time.

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