Temperature Color Changing Gel

ICE NOVA Temperature Color Changing Gel

Make the temperature gel nail art , to enjoy interesting life and keep good mood whole the day !

Would you like to let your nails change different in a hot summer? It is so cool when you are in a hot condition.

Thus , today we try the No.162 of 270 colors temperature gel to show you the magical effect .

First ,  The temperature gel is easy apply and easy soak off , it just apply same as three step gel : Base coat , temperature color gel , top coat .

The temperature color change gel can change to three color when in three different temperature condition .

Now , we would like to show you the effect when it is in hot temperature condition .

ICE NOVA Temperature color change gel

Temperature color change gel

















Secondly , i just put my nail close to air conditioning , so we can see color change on extender part and quickly  .                                                                                                                                                     Or we can see the color change when we take a shower .

temperature color change gel

ICE NOVA temperature color change gel

















Thirdly , the temperature turn warmer , so my nail tip appear the color hot and warm condition .

ICE NOVA temperature color gel

Temperature color change gel

















Above three picture show you the three color change when our nail tips meet three different temperature , hot , warm , cold .

Is it charming and magical ?

ICE NOVA temperature gel hold wide color range , 270 colors for your choice !

Then , let me talk about why ICE NOVA Temperature Color Changing Gel can change color very quick ?

1. This is the most important point to establish our brand and let our customer believe our quality .

ICE NOVA  hold more than 10 agents in different countries , including Russia , Ukraine , Mexico . So we keep our quality good to build up our brand . At the same time , we help all our customers who hold their brand to build up and strengthen their brand .

2. We use the best material , 98% pure temperature powder to develop and make the Temperature Color Changing Gel .


By this way , ICE NOVA have attract a lot of customers. Waiting for you to join us and try our temperature gel .


Thank you for your reading ! 🙂


By Amy

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