The trend in 2018 of the gel polish field I

According to incomplete statistics, there are more than one million beauty agencies and more than 6 million employees in China. Faced with the huge market and fierce competition, the operators of beauty parlors must always “recharge” themselves, grasp the future development trend, introduce new management concepts and modes, and launch new service projects to attract customers. Only in this way can they not be in the fierce market competition. Was eliminated.

What is the future development trend of beauty parlors? According to the author’s observation and summary, the future development of beauty parlors will show the following trends.


1. Strong Chain Operation

At present, China’s beauty market is still in an irregular and immature stage of development, industry management is lacking, industry competition is in disorder, beauty parlor operation has not yet formed a scale, and the quality of employees is uneven. The collection of many factors makes it difficult for the whole industry to achieve a certain level of credibility in society, sustained operation and scale operation to expand, and brand to win the hearts of everyone. Therefore, it is imperative to promote and implement the chain management concept in the beauty industry, provide high-quality products and services, establish good operating procedures, and form a good reputation and brand operation mode.

As far as beauty industry is concerned, chain operation will be the mainstream of future development. Chain operation has strong vitality and rapid expansion. Large chain stores are superior to small beauty parlors in terms of size, organization, financial resources, personnel and other aspects. Moreover, they often use strong advertising to enhance their competitiveness, which makes it difficult for small beauty parlors to compete.



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