The trend in 2018 of the gel polish field II

3. Beauty Salon Management Informationization

The overall level of informationization in the beauty industry is very low, to what extent? Today, in 2018, many workers in beauty parlors still can not use computers. They do not realize that computers or mobile phones can bring them use in their work or life. In addition to basic resources management, such as customer base materials, beauty times, basic information of employees, etc. Customer reservation registration, customer data tracking, type payment processing, employee salary, commodity sales can be processed and managed by computer or mobile app. Through information technology, not only will it be more accurate and faster than manual operation, but also through data analysis, it can avoid management loopholes, reduce business risks, and improve the image of beauty parlors. Even in the future, it is possible that many customers’skin diagnosis can be accomplished through “big data” and personalized maintenance schemes are recommended for each customer’s skin characteristics.


4. Introducing Psychological Beauty

In fact, in addition to providing beauty services, beauty parlors should also provide psychological counseling to customers, but many beauty parlors ignore this point. Imagine that when customers are troubled by skin or hair quality problems, they will feel restless and worried about affecting their beauty. Therefore, when they go to the beauty parlor for skin care, the effect of care is expected to be very great at a certain time, but it may also worry about whether the beautician can solve their troubles. At this time, beauticians should timely talk to customers, listen to customers, and lose no time to give Gu the right idea, so that they can re-establish confidence and rest assured to accept the beautician’s care.

5. Closer integration of cosmetology and medicine

Many people regard cosmetology as a common thing and seldom associate it with medicine. In fact, the production of cosmetics contains medical ingredients. Beautician’s cosmetology technology combines with doctor’s treatment method to promote and implement medical cosmetology. It effectively solves many long-term problems that affect the beauty of customers. Medical cosmetology will be more in-depth and extensive development in the future, and will have an impact on the development of the cosmetology industry.

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