The trend in 2018 of the gel polish field III

6. Men’s beauty is in vogue

Influenced by traditional ideas, beauty is regarded as a woman’s thing. It is not many that can get rid of traditional burdens and accept beauty. In fact, due to the exuberant sebum secretion of men, most people lack correct cleaning awareness, the demand for skin care is actually quite large, and the prospects for men’s skin care are very promising. Because many “colored glasses” look at men’s beauty, leading to operators will encounter many difficulties, therefore, we should strengthen staff training, establish professional image, in order to eliminate unnecessary doubts.

7. Overall Popularization

In the future, the operation direction of beauty parlors should not be confined to a specific scope, such as beauty, cosmetics, skin care, etc. It should develop towards the direction of overall combination, such as matching special models with magical cosmetics, so that customers’styles can be more prominent. Therefore, the beauty parlor can set up costume counters, let the beautician complete the shape for customers, but also for customers to recommend what kind of clothing or what kind of makeup is more suitable.


8. Specialization, individualization and high added value

Nowadays, customers not only have certain requirements for the technical service quality and standard of beauticians, but also pay great attention to the beauty equipment and the atmosphere they create. They also hope to get a lot of information about consumption, such as fashionable clothes, popular cosmetics, popular cosmetics, fashionable leisure methods, etc. These are topics of interest to customers, and more and more customers are entering beauty parlors to consume. People are willing and willing to enjoy such high value-added services.

9. Beautiful Engineering Marketing

In the new economic era, the boundaries of various industries begin to blur. In order to maximize the benefits of the beauty industry, the concept of beauty must be extended to attract the concept of “comprehensive beauty” and create a series of “beautiful engineering” services. This marketing model has extended “beauty” to the beauty of the whole body, as well as the inherent beauty of temperament and cultural upgrading. As a result, the space and scope of beauty services will be extended, so that beauty can be expanded into beauty projects, such as beauty in appearance, figure (including waist, leg, buttock, breast, etc.), beauty in color (including beauty in behavior, color matching, clothing, hairstyle, personality matching), and so on. The business opportunities brought by these projects will be doubled.



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