Design fROM iCE

Package Design from Concept to Commercialization

ICE Nail provides world-class packaging and branding design services for free. Our full-service design team works with our factories to design and produce results that delight our customers.

Get the design idea from your need

Know Your Brand ideas

Know your brand philosophy

We hope to understand your brand's unique concept and design style through communication with you, as our design inspiration.

Choose bottle style and color

We provide more than 1000+ colors, bottles of different capacities and styles for you to choose. If you are not satisfied with the bottle style we provide, we can also design the bottle style according to your requirements

start designing

After understand your ideas and confirming the color and bottle style, our designers will start designing. This process is expected to take 3-7 days, at the same time, we will also keep in touch with you to ensure that every step of the design is the effect you want.

Confirm and produce

After the design is completed, we will send you the source file, if you are satisfied, our factory will start production; if you are not satisfied with the design, we can continue to communicate with you until you are satisfied.


We usually finish logo and sticker design within 2-3 days.

Yes, we provide Free logo and box design, until you confirm that you are satisfied, then pay for production.

After finish the design, we will start to produce the product, know more about our production service.