ICE BD | Neon Rubber Base Coat
ICE BD | Neon Rubber Base Coat
ICE BD | Neon Rubber Base Coat
ICE BD | Neon Rubber Base Coat
ICE BD | Neon Rubber Base Coat
ICE BD | Neon Rubber Base Coat
ICE BD | Neon Rubber Base Coat
ICE BD | Neon Rubber Base Coat
ICE BD | Neon Rubber Base Coat
ICE BD | Neon Rubber Base Coat

ICE BD | Neon Rubber Base Coat

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ICE BD Neon Rubber Base Coat:

Capacity: 15ml & 0.56fl oz.e

MULTIFUNCTIONAL RUBBER BASE COAT: ICE NOVA neon bright color gel and it is tend to be thicker than a regular base coat. Rubber base gel can be used as base coat,quick extension gel,birght color gel and nail strengther gel. Rubber base gel also helps to make your nails more flexible if you have weak and brittle nails that might break or crack easily.

QUICK AND EASY TO EXTEND: This rubber base gel is thicker than normal base coat ,because the gel texture is thick,quick self -levels but it does not spread,does not flow on the side rollers and cuticles.So it is very easy to brush on and extension the nails, we recommend 1-2cm extend.

LONG LASTING: This gel bottle rubber base should be able to work with most gel polishes(but we recommend use ICE NOVA gel polish will last longer)and you can use both UV or Led to cure them.Rubber base coat is a soak off polish so they are also easy to remove.The base coat gel nail polish is long lasting for 21+ days with perfect shine under proper application under the full application process.

STRONG ADHESION: This rubber base coat might leave a sticky residue even after curing in the lamp, which is completely normal. Having a tacky or sticky base will allow your other nail colors to adhere to the base and prevent it from prematurely chipping away.That can make your nail art manicure more reliable and long lasting.

UV/LED CURING REQUIRED: Gel nail polish require a UV or LED nail lamp to cure, harden, or set your gel nail polish in place. Gel formulas cannot air dry down and will only be set entirely using a nail lamp. In addition,rubber bases need to be cured. In general, UV lamps will take longer to cure than LED lamps.

PS: Need more colors, wholesale or customized, send inquiry to us!

Tämä sivu on suojattu reCATPCHA-tunnistuksella ja Googlen tietosuojakäytäntöjä ja käyttöehtoja sovelletaan.

For sample order, 1-3 days lead time, for general large order, 3-7 days lead time. We send goods by FedEx, DHL, TNT etc express normally, 3-5 workdays as delivery time. This way is a little expensive but fast and safe for uv gel products.

1. We will give you a full refund if the gel nail polish sample is not artificially damaged or unusable.

2. For large sales orders such as custom orders or wholesale orders, please contact our professional team for answers.


About ICE Cosmetic

We offer wholesale and OEM/ODM service, be our partner you can enjoy top service and quality nail gel products, check what can provide to you.

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ICE Cosmetic CO,. Ltd is a customized nail polish manufactory with 13 years experience! We have our own factory and design team, just tell us your ideas, we can make a great build up your own brand plan for you!

Choose Or Customize Your Colors

We have more than 1000 color numbers for you to choose, after you contact us, we will also send you a catalog; if you have your own nail color number, we also can meet your needs!

Select Capacity & Bottle Style

Now, our facotry has more than 50+ bottle style for 5ml-30ml, 5g-25kg, covers more than 95% of nail polish bottle types on the market, also we can design your own bottle shape.

Design Labels And Box

After understand your ideas and confirming the color and bottle style, our designers will start designing. This process is expected to take 3-7 days, at the same time, we will also keep in touch with you to ensure that every step of the design is the effect you want.


Start Production

After the design is completed, we will send you the source file, if you are satisfied, our factory will start production; if you are not satisfied with the design, we can continue to communicate with you until you are satisfied.

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Our Min MOQ is 12 pcs, our price depends on your product quantity, you can simply understand that the more you buy, the more affordable the price!

Labeling 500 minimum order, screen printing 1000 minimum order. (depending on the bottle, some are different minimum order quantities)

Send us inquiry, we will have professional sales staff to discuss the details of products and authorized brands with you.


Our Promise to Customers:

1. Support to build up your special brand.

2. We will provide you with free samples.

3. We can adjust the color for you according to your requirement.

4. Customized for you Private Label and bottles.

5. All of our nail polish meet the quality standards.

6. All goods would be inspected before delivery and will be sent out in time.

7. All requirements will be replied within 24 hours.

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