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It's a great honor to work with you

We hope that through our products, can let beauty gel nail polish products business be more competitive in the market for your and our company!

We offer high-quality gel nail systems as well as equipment and nail art accessories.

We have quickly become one of the fastest growing gel products and would love to have you onboard with us! We believe that with your help and passion, we can expand to every corner of the globe.

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Process Of Distributor

For customers who want to cooperate with us, the process of becoming an agent/distributor is very convenient.

Send Inquiry

Tell us your info and which brand you want to sell, we have ICE BD and ICE NOVA 2 brand, we recommend that you become our cooperative agent of ICE NOVA, because ICE NOVA is a luxury gel nail brand under our company, it's more famous!

Region Confirmation

We will check whether there are other agents or distributors according to your country/region, which will determine the minimum order quantity and price of your products each month, we must uphold a fair principle to treat any of our brand agents.

Confirm the MOQ and price

We will discuss and confirm product details with you, such as bottle capacity and gel nail products type, and at the same time determine the MOQ and price. After confirm, we will sign a brand authorization and cooperation agreement with you. This is our complete process.

What we can provide

Factory price

The wholesale price we give you will be our ex-factory price, which can save your cost to a large extent and increase the profit of the product!

99.99% Shipping On-time

Guarantee your inventory, we can replenish the inventory for you as soon as possible, no need to worry about the loss caused by waiting for the goods to be sold out!

Complete product categories

Brand authorization, the products in the catalog can be sold, and you can also customize the color and bottle shape you are interested in.

cooperate with us

Usually will reply you within 12-24 hours and discuss the cooperation ways with you.

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